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As someone who is very much a fashion lover I always found it incredibly weird that I had never tried double denim. I didn't plan this outfit at all. Thats actually a lie.. I planned it all apart from the jacket. I was originally going to wear the jacket with another outfit but decided to try it with the jeans for fun. I had a look in the mirror and got the feeling of "oh that's cool" but knew I didn't have the bravery to walk outside in it without double checking with Jorge (boyfriend). After asking "are you sure??" numerous times I decided I would do it!

I have to admit, this is probably my favourite outfit in a long time! It was so comfortable and so relaxed but looked as though I had put all the effort in the world into making it look good! I paired it with one of my favourite tops at the moment, it is from Urban Outfitters, and my pink Reebok trainers that I have worn many times! I decided to use a red bag as a pop of colour which I loved with the…

Snowy Days

Hello snowy March! I'm writing this while sitting at my window staring at the snow storm that is currently taking place outside, forgetting that it is soon to be spring and no longer the middle of winter. Thankfully I haven't had the time to pack way any of my lovely faux fur coats from the winter months as I am sure they will be much needed in the next couple of weeks. Due to all of this snowy weather I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my favourite winter products that are my must haves for when it is really chilly! From my cosy faux furs to my swear by beauty products, these are a few of my favourite things.

Starting with my must have beauty products.. 
Coconut oil is something that I have been using for years. I use it on my body as a moisturiser as it is so fast drying and ultra moisturising. I don't however use this on my face as I find it dries out my skin.. weirdly. As well as using it on my body I also use it as a hair mask twice a week at …

Trip to London

Last weekend I went to London to celebrate my boyfriend, Jorge's, mothers birthday! We celebrated her birthday on the saturday however I went up a few days early as I didn't have work. I thought this would be great opportunity to show you what I wear on a day to day basis as well as when I dress up a bit more for special occasions. I was in London for a total of 2 full days which I have included in this post. (The day I went up to London was taken up by travelling and so there wasn't much to include in this post for that day!)

DAY 1:  On day one we went out for breakfast to a cafe called The Regency in Victoria. The Regency is a usual for us as it is right round the corner. It is a classic English 'greasy spoon' breakfast kind of place where the food portions are HUGE and the food is incredible! This place is definitely one to check off your list if you are visiting London as not only does it have an amazing typical Full English Breakfast but lots of films have be…


Today was a pretty relaxing day and I didn't have much planned so I decided I would do a blog post! I spent most of my day just tidying up the house and experimenting in the kitchen (something I love doing when I am home alone). I am currently planning my next post as I am about to go to London for a few days but I'll save the details of that for next time!

As I was at home for most of the day I put together a casual outfit to make tidying the house and doing other bits and bobs a little bit easier. I kept accessories to a minimum and just focused on the clothing. I styled together my blue jeans from Zara with a navy blue oversized shirt also from Zara! I love this shirt! I wear it both for smart and everyday however more recently for everyday as it is so comfortable. For when I did leave the house I wore my black healed boots that I have had for years! I don't wear them very often as they aren't the most comfortable to wear for hours and hours. Usually I would style …


How do I keep my skin looking fresh and glowing over the winter months?

I love the winter months for wrapping up warm in big faux fur coats and having cosy nights in with the fire lit while watching my favourite movies. However my skin hates the winter months. It turns dull and dry and makes me look as though I have never seen the light of day. For previous winters I have always fake tanned to keep my summer glow but this winter I haven't had the time to keep up with it all meaning I have had to take extra care in making sure my skin looks just as good without it. I have done a few things that have helped massively with keeping my skins glow from diet to skincare products to making sure that I exercise regularly enough. 
First of all, my diet. I am vegetarian however I do try to eat plant based meals as often as I can, this means no dairy products! - I only drink cows milk with a cup of tea and only the tiniest splash! Other than that I drink plant based, my favourite is almond mi…


I feel it is time for a new beauty post and as I have already posted about my favourite beauty and make up products I thought I would do something a little different for the changing season. One of my favourite things to do on a lazy day is paint my nails. I have always painted my own nails (I've only gotten them done at a salon once!) because I can do them in my own home in my own time while I am watching a movie and eating snacks which you can't do in a salon. Having my nails painted always makes me feel a little bit more glamorous. even on those days when I have not got any make up on or touched my hair.

Summer was great but I always struggle with what colours to paint my nails as I am not the biggest fan of brightly coloured nail vanish so I usually stick to a nude or light pink for the summer. Autumn  however is the best time to give your nail vanish collection an update so I thought I would get together my favourite Autumnal colours that you can wear all the way through…