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I always find that I have everything I need for the winter months and as soon as it turns to summer time I have nothing to wear. This year I decided that I would buy a few pieces specifically for the summer time so that I don't face this problem again. I get really excited about the summer during March, so I decided that to feed my excitement I would start buying summer clothes. I started buying basic pieces that I found in the winter collection that can be worn in the summer (t-shirts, for example). As the summer began to get closer the summer collections were filling the shops and I started buying more staple pieces. Living in England, you can never be sure on what the weather will be like. I made sure to get a range of items that I can wear in the British summer as well as when I go abroad. 
As well as clothing items I have also bought a few jewellery items in the recent months. These pieces are perfect for the summer as they are very dainty and delicate so will look lovely pair…


Jeans, jeans, jeans

My pairs of jeans seem to have bread the last few months and I have ended up with a huge pile of jeans in the corner of my room with no space to put them! It is becoming a bit of an obsession (one that I absolutely love!) and therefore I decided that I would show off my favourite pairs of jeans. I wear these jeans all year round, either as my staple piece or paired with other items of clothing.
Jeans will always be my go to bottoms, more so than skirts or trousers, as they suit my lifestyle better. Living in the countryside means that wearing your best outfits every day often ends badly with something getting muddy or stained and therefore I will usually just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when I am lounging around at home. When I am not in the countryside I do still love to wear jeans and so I have a few more interesting pairs to save me from looking like I've just been on a dog walk.

These first jeans are the jeans I throw on when I am getting ready …