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I feel it is time for a new beauty post and as I have already posted about my favourite beauty and make up products I thought I would do something a little different for the changing season. One of my favourite things to do on a lazy day is paint my nails. I have always painted my own nails (I've only gotten them done at a salon once!) because I can do them in my own home in my own time while I am watching a movie and eating snacks which you can't do in a salon. Having my nails painted always makes me feel a little bit more glamorous. even on those days when I have not got any make up on or touched my hair.

Summer was great but I always struggle with what colours to paint my nails as I am not the biggest fan of brightly coloured nail vanish so I usually stick to a nude or light pink for the summer. Autumn  however is the best time to give your nail vanish collection an update so I thought I would get together my favourite Autumnal colours that you can wear all the way through Winter too. 

Typically I wear red nail vanish. It is definitely my favourite nail colour as it fits in with my typical daily outfits. Not only does it fit in with my wardrobe but I feel as though it is the most glamorous colour to paint your nails. It is quite daring to put a bright red nail vanish on your nails, in the same way it is daring to put on bright red lipstick. It is so chic and (if done well) always looks stunning! My favourite red nail vanishes to use are  Chanel Pirate and Dior Rouge 999. Both of these are stunning! Red nails are not the easiest to apply and so for someone who is not the best at nail vanish I would 100% recommend the Dior as it is the most pigmented and easily applied nail vanish I have ever used! I use this mainly when I need to paint my nails in a rush as the applicator is incredible and the colour is so vibrant! This will only need one thin layer as it is so pigmented which also means that it takes only a minute or two to dry (I also never seem to need a top coat for this!). The Chanel red is also gorgeous however it is slightly harder to apply as it is not as pigmented so needs a couple of layers and always a top and bottom coat as it takes a long time to dry (the top coat dries quicker and stops any scratches on the paint underneath). 

If I am not wearing red nails I have a few other favourites. My next go to will always be Chanel Rouge Noir as it is the most gorgeous colour! It is a mixture of red, black and purple depending on the light. This suits every colour and so will never clash with an outfit! Next would have to be a glitter polish! You can't call a nail vanish collection a collection if you do not have some seasonal glitter polishes! I would recommend either Barry M Sequins Effect-Black or Orly Rage. These two glitter polishes are totally different but both are perfect for Autumn and Winter. I would say the Orly nail vanish in the colour Rage is the best for Winter as it always reminds me of the film Frozen, it is a pink ice glitter and so so beautiful! 

I wanted to include one bright colour to keep the feeling of summer and warmth throughout the colder months! As I said, I don't usually go straight towards bright colours (other than red of course!) but if I do it is always this! Rimmel Glaston-berry is such a stunning nail vanish! I wore it all through the summer and I do wear it during this time of year too as it is so fun and playful!

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