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How do I keep my skin looking fresh and glowing over the winter months?

I love the winter months for wrapping up warm in big faux fur coats and having cosy nights in with the fire lit while watching my favourite movies. However my skin hates the winter months. It turns dull and dry and makes me look as though I have never seen the light of day. For previous winters I have always fake tanned to keep my summer glow but this winter I haven't had the time to keep up with it all meaning I have had to take extra care in making sure my skin looks just as good without it. I have done a few things that have helped massively with keeping my skins glow from diet to skincare products to making sure that I exercise regularly enough. 

First of all, my diet. I am vegetarian however I do try to eat plant based meals as often as I can, this means no dairy products! - I only drink cows milk with a cup of tea and only the tiniest splash! Other than that I drink plant based, my favourite is almond milk. I eat eggs every now and again as I have my own chickens and know that they are totally free range and cruelty free (chickens lay eggs naturally every other day, even without a cockerel). For breakfast I will usually have cereal (my favourite is wheetabix) with almond milk and honey, lunch will be a sandwich and some fruit if I am working or lots of vegetables that are either on their own or mixed with quinoa if I am home and for supper I will usually have a load more vegetables but also some meat alternative on the side. - My favourite brands for meat alternatives are QuornCauldron  and Linda McCartney. I always make sure to eat lots of vegetables as my face really shows me when i haven't been eating them as much as I should. I will usually eat a lot of avocados, broccoli and spinach as the avocado will give me Omega-3 and the others will give me Iron which are both important for your health but also will make your skin look more fresh and awake. My biggest tip of all when it comes to your diet for glowing skin and one that I am constantly nagging all of my friends and family about is DRINK WATER! I am rarely seen without a bottle or a glass of water near me. Water improves everything! If you are feeling tired, drink a glass of water! If you are feeling hungry, drink a glass of water! If you are thirsty, then obviously, drink a glass of water! DO NOT drink anything other than water if you are thirsty, other drinks are full of sugar which will only dehydrate you more! If you get bored then squeeze in some lemon or cucumber to spice things up a little but do not drink anything else if you are thirsty as it will not hydrate you! I am a firm believer of what you put inside your body will show on the outside and so eating and drinking the right things is so important during the winter to keep that glow. 

I like to stick to a short and simple skincare routine in the Winter because it is so cold and waking up early in the morning is that little bit harder! This routine is made up of 3 steps that I complete twice a day without fail! Winter, more so than summer with my skin, is the most important time to give your skin some TLC and so I make sure to always remove my makeup and moisturise.

I start with a cleanser, my all time favourite being the Liz Earle-Cleanse and Polish. I massage this in to my face, I don't focus it anywhere I just make sure every part of my face has had the same amount of massaging! Once I have fully cleansed I use the Liz Earle-Muslin Cloth, that I have run under warm water, to wipe away all of the cleanser. I do this step 2-3 times until all of the cleanser is off my face.

In the winter, because my face can get very dry I tend not to use a toner as they can really dry out my skin! The last step is to moisturise and I use the Elizabeth Arden-Visible Difference on my face and the Elizabeth Arden-8 Hour Skin Protectant on my lips at night time. I use the Dior Lip Glow during the day to give my lips a bit more colour and life. 

I don't have a set routine when it comes to exfoliating as washing my face with a muslin cloth really takes away all of the dead skin however if I feel as though my face needs a bit more help I will use an exfoliator. I don't have a favourite when it comes to exfoliators however I do prefer the ones with smaller sand like beads as I feel these work better and always leave my face feeling the smoothest. When it comes to face masks I usually make them myself or I use Earth's Kiss sheet masks as they are cruelty free and are full of amazing natural ingredients (they are smell incredible!).

As for exercise, I try to fit as much exercise in as possible. This is hard to do on days I am working however my job entails standing up and running up and down stairs for up to 8 hours so I don't worry too much if I can't fit in a workout! On my days off I do like to try not to lie around all day watching TV. I will usually take my dogs for a long walk and then do a workout at home. I love getting youtube up on the TV screen and play workout videos that I follow along to! I choose a different one each time to keep it interesting and will usually do 2 different workouts focusing on different areas of the body, for example an abdominal workout and a leg workout. I am not a massive fan of running outside, I would love to be but I'm just not.. and so if I want to do a full on cardio workout I will usually go to my local gym and use the stair machine or the cross trainer for 45 minutes to an hour (with a short break half way 😬).

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