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As someone who is very much a fashion lover I always found it incredibly weird that I had never tried double denim. I didn't plan this outfit at all. Thats actually a lie.. I planned it all apart from the jacket. I was originally going to wear the jacket with another outfit but decided to try it with the jeans for fun. I had a look in the mirror and got the feeling of "oh that's cool" but knew I didn't have the bravery to walk outside in it without double checking with Jorge (boyfriend). After asking "are you sure??" numerous times I decided I would do it!

I have to admit, this is probably my favourite outfit in a long time! It was so comfortable and so relaxed but looked as though I had put all the effort in the world into making it look good! I paired it with one of my favourite tops at the moment, it is from Urban Outfitters, and my pink Reebok trainers that I have worn many times! I decided to use a red bag as a pop of colour which I loved with the…